Many of my customers have moved into homes with beautiful but overgrown gardens or new houses that are a blank canvas or simply the garden just isn’t providing that “outdoor room” experience.

Below are some examples of ways in which I can help get your garden back into shape:

  • I (+1 or 2 others, dependant on scale of work to be done) will do a thorough garden tidy (pruning, weeding, propagating, dividing, moving plants, shrubs and trees etc) which sometimes can be done in a day or over a period of time.
  • Where a garden has become unruly, I tend to work one day per week until the garden is in manageable state then I revisit for four hours every month to maintain agreed standards.
  • Many of my clients are gardeners, so with many of these clients, I come in monthly and do the bits which can be difficult to get the time to do like shape a tree, pruning rose bushes etc.

Some of my clients need very low maintenance gardens so my job is to ensure the garden is a haven for them to relax in, not to work in. All clients would be given advise on best methods to improve particular soil, planting conditions, plant advise and design ideas. I would also make sure to point out any problems in the garden i.e. weed problems and treatment, and scaling back overgrown plant/shrub/tree advise, e.g..

Cost: £20 per hour