Archerfield Summer

This was a lovely project. I was brought in to do a hard cut back on the overgrown planting. Everything had started to grow leggy and woody so I needed to make some pruning decisions. I worked alongside Fidra G&H services to remove a thick blanket of brambles which had taken over part of the wall of the cottage

East Linton

A client was moving out of a house into a new one. We had a tight time limit to take the Garden (and paddock) back to how it was when the client moved in. There was a large amount of growth to cut back, a lot of pruning work and clearing the garden of weeds and invasive plants.

Dunbar Broxmouth

This is a huge estate in Dunbar and is an on going Garden project for me. Due to its size, cost is limited. Hence the project is ongoing so I am tackling it section by section. I am also working with Fidra Home & Garden (insert hyperlink) for added Garden experienced man power and tree management.

Here the border was taken over by spurge, the grass has grown into the borders, and plants were struggling to compete.

We dug out as much of the spurge as possible as well as plants we wanted to save. We then dug out the border edges to form a curved line. We then lined the hole with weed suppressant material, designed where we would replant the plants to be saved (dividing them, ensuring weed free). We then cut holes in the fabric and dug the plants back in. The material will hopefully suppress light to anything below and the plants that survive the Winter will be spurge free. We plan to use a thick mulch in late spring pre new planting and line the border edges.

Clifford Road

This is an ongoing job. The client is planning an extension so part of the Garden is off limits. I have been working on one of the long side borders and front of the house to make sure it puts in a great Summer display 2018. There was several ivy stumps that needed removing as well as brambles and much pruning Work. Many plants have been split and moved into other areas. The client is also looking to replace the front hedges so I have taken cuttings to ensure we replace like for like. In areas of extensive weed activity, I have removed all plants to be saved, put down weed suppressant fabric the cut holes into the fabric and replaced the plants. On top of this I have added a thick bark mulch which looks great as well as adding so much goodness to the soil.