Susie reinvigorated our garden after a period of neglect had left it dominated by overgrown plants and out of control weeds. She skilfully rebalanced the area and brought a new life to what was already there. Susie is reliable and has a great deal of knowledge, and her enthusiasm for gardening is infectious. We’ve now been inspired to make more of our outdoor space and have more confidence knowing how to do it. We would happily recommend Susie to anyone looking to improve their garden.

Craig & Hannah

When Susie first offered me some tomato plant and sunflower seeds at the nursery for the children to grow, I was excited but also sceptical! I soon learnt that I had been watering plants wrong all along…who knew majority of them drank from the bottom up!

After admitting I had no idea what to do, Susie kindly spoke me through it and before you knew it, I was growing rocket, radish, pansies, strawberries and runner beans! (Although separating the seeds was still an issue)
The children got so excited about the watering of the plants as they were seeing the growth process in front of them on a daily/weekly basis.

The strawberries, radish and perfume leaves (leaves from the pansies – we decided to call them this for some reason!) were the most popular, and the children loved to try out things they had grown. Having the children get involved in the planting process was so important as we really want them to understand the importance of maintaining plants and to understand that plants must have light and water to grow.

Out of 12 children only one of the sunflowers survived. There must be something in the genes with the Pozeimskis as it was Axels that managed to grow the best! After re-potting his sunflower, we noticed that bees and butterflies were visiting the sunflower more regularly. Axel loved this and constantly wanted lifted to watch the bees land and take off again. His sunflower is now a strong 4ft (if not more,) tall.

Having all these lovely smelling, bright coloured plants and vegetables in the garden has made a difference to the children’s learning (they are so inquisitive about the flowers and want to know which leaves they can eat), the animals around (We have lots more birds visiting us now!) and general positivity within the nursery garden. With thanks to Susie it was all possible, as I had no idea about anything (literally – I never knew re-potting was a thing!)

Now living in Edinburgh, I am still caring for my tomato and cucumber plant (which both started off as seeds in the nursery) and am loving watching them grow. I am now slightly addicted to learning more about indoor plants and have my living room covered in succulents and cacti!

Susie has been a very patient teacher and I will hang on to her advice and facts forever!

Felicity – Pumpkin Patch